Bryggerier 2019

What began as homebrewers searching for higher quality yeast quickly grew into a team of dedicated biochemists exploring new ways to advance brewing altogether.Today, White Labs stands at the intersection of science, education and craft. Constantly striving for perfection, and in the process continually raising the bar in the art of fermentation. Every day, we set out on a single mission: to stretch the limits of science in order to set new standards in purity and freshness. From the industry’s first pitchable liquid yeast, to a complete revolution in the way it’s propagated and packaged, our innovative spirit is tireless.Our belief is that creating the best products goes hand-in-hand with making the best use of them. This has inspired a culture of education and collaboration with brewers, distillers and winemakers the world over.

Vi älskar kaffe. Det är den enkla sanningen bakom Pennybridge Roasters. I det lilla kafferosteriet i Örebro driver vi en småskalig produktion som bygger på lång erfarenhet, kärlek till hantverket och bönor av högsta kvalitet. Vi använder bara noggrant utvalt kaffe, spårbart så långt det är möjligt. Vi rostar varsamt i små batcher för att ge varje kaffesort och blandning möjlighet att utveckla sin egen unika smak och karaktär.

Örebro Brygghus är ett litet hantverksbryggeri som öppnade juni 2016 och är beläget på Aspholmen i Örebro. Med total fokus på kvalitet brygger vi hantverksmässig och smakrik öl, både efter tradition och trend.

All In Brewing från Göteborg startades 2012 med receptet från en av grundarnas hembryggda ipor. Redan 2014 tog man sig in på över världens Top 100-lista. Amerikansk IPA är den vanligaste grundstilen, men man utmärker sig även för sina av smakrika stouts, suröl och lager. Alltid med en kreativ twist. All In är även kända för många samarbeten med craft beer-stjärnor i USA, Danmark och Sverige, och inte minst genom sin egen omtyckta ölfestival i Göteborg, All In Beerfest.

Since 2010, Great Leap Brewing has brewed craft beers that incorporate traditional Chinese ingredients and boast flavors and aromas unique to the Middle Kingdom. We brew a variety of styles that can be enjoyed by craft beer lovers the world over, adding Sichuan peppercorn, high quality loose-leaf tea, locally sourced honey, and the incredible Qingdao Flower hop, to name just a few of excellent ingredients that can be found in China. Great Leap Brewing is honored to be attending Örebrew Fest for the first time, and can't wait to share our creations with everyone who will be in attendance.

Welcome back Stigbergets Bryggeri Another mastodon from Göteborg will join us at Örebrewfest this autumn. With an amazing core range of beers, seasonal specials or any of their recent magic collabs, Stigbergets will for sure pour a real treat down your tasting glass!

Broaden & Build Please welcome Broaden & Build to Örebrewfest 2019! An ingredient-focused brewery, casual restaurant, and bar located at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, created by the minds behind Amass Restaurant.With deliciousness and sustainability as the driving forces, Broaden and Build draws inspiration from local ingredients, while combining the creative processes of a chef and a brewer.

Welcome back Mikkeller HQ Further presentation ain’t needed. Expect that your taster glass will be poured to the top when Mikkeller Headquarters from Copenhagen returns to Örebrewfest with the very best from Mikkellers different locations and breweries such as Mikkeller NYC and San Diego among others. If you’re lucky they might also bring something from Mikkel’s own private stash

O/O Brewing Of course we need Göteborg, nowadays called the ”The Swedish craft beer mecca”, to be represented at Örebrewfest and O/O Brewing is for sure one of Göteborgs finest. Olle and Olof, the brewmasters behind O/O Brewing, has a great reputation as beer geniuses and veterans at the Swedish Craft beer scene. We’re delighted that O/O Brewing are coming back to Örebrewfest once again.

Dear Örebrewfest!Despite Apex Brewing Company’s firm (but polite) initial attempt to decline the invitation to this years Örebrewfest - the checks and Rolexes made us reconsider our decision. So, yes - we’re more than happy to announce that we will take part in the festivities. We will be pouring thick juicy IPAs and Double IPAs (but no Örebrewfest - we won’t be wearing the crowns and embroidered superhero capes you Fed Ex’ed us) in Örebro this November. Cheers! /Apex Brewing Company

Brekeriet (SWE) You asked for more sours, and we listened! Brekeriet, welcome back to Örebrewfest! It’s nowadays not just a saying, it’s a fact, that the best Swedish sours is brewed down in Landskrona by Brekeriet. Flawless wild ales, tons of fruits and perfectly soured with an always interesting combination flavors. That’s what they do and that is what Brekeriet will deliver at Kulturhuset Saturday 9th of November.

Interboro (US) Our friends at Interboro Spirit and Ales from Brooklyn, New York, has decided to join us for the 2 nd edition of Örebrewfest this fall. For those who managed to try any of their superb selection of craft beers last year knows what to expect. Make sure to spend these guys a visit, what so ever Interboro will bring to the festival and pour into your glass it will be world class!

Brew By Numbers (BBNo.) strive to create new, exciting and forward-thinking beers focusing on quality and drinkability. Whether developing new styles, adapting established ones, or bringing the less well-known styles back into the limelight, BBNo. create each beer with the same level of care, attention and respect. It’s such a pleasure for us to welcome Brew By Numbers to Örebrewfest 2019!

Fermenterarna Bryggeri är ett hantverksbryggeri som drivs av Anna och Niclas. I produktionen fokuserar vi främst på syrliga öler med enorma mängder frukt.

"Established in March 2015, Gamma Brewing Company is a Danish craft brewery located in Gørløse, just north of Copenhagen. Gamma was born of an ambition to create delicious beer that is as gratifying to make as it is to drink. Regardless of the style of beer we make, our focus remains on the quality and commitment to constant improvement and innovation, with a tendency toward the lavish use of hops."

Lervig is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger Norway. We produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours.Our goal is to brew the best beers in the world. To do that we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing for everyone, both everyday folks and craft beer lovers alike. We’ve combined the experience and creativity of our brewers to bring accessible, easy drinking and trending beers to market, but we also love to work outside our comfort zone and test the limits of our team.

From the Ozarks to the Andes. Beer born on a bike & raised in Manchester. Established in 2014, we focus on pale, hoppy beers that reflect our experiences.

Wizard Brewing är ett bryggeri som består av Morgondagens Bryggeri och Mikrofonbryggeriet som slagit sina experimentella huvuden ihop och börjat koka öl ihop. Puppet head är en Syrlig berliner weisse som är bryggd med Hallon och Svarta vinbär. Bärig och barnsligt gott.

Wylam Brewery (UK) Founded in Newcastle upon Tune already back at year 2000 Wylam can be seen as veterans on the craft beer scene. Today Wylam is in the very front-end making class leading, hazy, hop-forward beers that few others can achieve. We’re proud to get these guys back to Örebrewfest for the 2nd year. Expect a buzz around Wylam’s keg stand in November!

Think juicy, hoppy, unfiltered hazy beers and always vegan! That is exactly what you get from Verdant Brewing, a brewery based in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Brewing modern hop forward pale ales, IPA'S and DIPA's which is highly appreciated all over the world. With the recent successful crowdfunding Verdant are planning for expansion in Falmouth, moving their brewery operations three miles away to a new warehouse which also opens up for Verdant’s first on site tap room serving tank fresh beers straight into your glass.Verdant Brewing Co Örebrewfest 2019


Whiplash (IRL) are confirmed for Örebrewfest 2019!The Irish gentlemen Alan & Alex has got a rapidly growing reputation for their fresh, hazy IPA’s which has been pumped out in cans covered in beautiful cover artwork from the brewery located in Kilcoole, Wicklow just south of Dublin. Once back in time they were gypsy-brewing just for fun but nowadays seen more as professional beer dudes with several awards down the pockets such as Beer of the Year by Irish consumers, Best Brewery nods from bloggers and landing in as Ireland's top rated brewery on Untappd. Please welcome, Whiplash. See you at Örebrewfest 9th of November.

Burnt Mill (UK)Burnt Mill Brewery is a new brewing project focused on producing fresh, unfiltered beers from their brewhouse on a Suffolk farm on the English east coast. Burnt Mill might be rather new on the craft beer scene but do not despair. Charles, Sophie and Sean who forms the team behind Burnt Mill are truly passionated and definitely got the “know how” of creating superb beers in different varieties of styles. We’re thrilled to give you Burnt Mill at Örebrewfest!

Finback Brewery (US) are coming to town!!We’re stoked that Finback Brewery from Queens, New York, will participate at Örebrewfest this fall. Adding Finback to the already solid line-up of breweries gives the festival an even better vibe and it 's defintely an opportunity for you to try out class leading beers poured by one of the best breweries New York has to offer nowadays

Germany’s finest Frau Gruber are confirmed for Örebrewfest!Straight outta Augsburg in the very south of Bayern, were the traditional lager beer has been brewed for decades, the two childhood friends Ezno Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber decided to modernize the German brewing culture. Putting their expertise together under the name Frau Gruber Craft Brewing these guys are now one of the most exciting new breweries in Germany offering the best hop juice there is. Please welcome Frau Gruber, we’re delighted to host them at Örebrewfest the 9th of November.

Omnipollo (SWE) doesn’t need much of a presentation these days. The masterminds behind the successful brewery Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin acts in the front row with innovative beers covered in amazing artwork. Omnipollo never stops to surprise us, with the recent beer garden Omnipollos Flora at Humlegården in Stockholm and the newly opened bar in Hamburg there is always something going on in the Omnipollo camp. We’re more than happy that Omnipollo has decided to join us at Örebrewfest 2019. Soft serve!! Cream team!! You name it, expect a crazy buzz with Omnipollo in the house.

Brewski is not a normal brewery. We want to explore and set new limits for what can be and not be done. Just because nobody did this kind of beer before. Doesn’t mean it cant be done.

Mikkeller Baghaven represents the pinnacle of art and science, old-world and new world, primitive and contemporary. It is the result of human influence, microbiology, and environment. Our Rustic Farmhouse Ales are reminiscent of a time when beer was a provision, not a luxury. Our Wild Ales are a product of pure innovation, building on age old traditions and adapting them to a new Danish heritage.

In 2002 Mikael Dugge Engström, the founder, CEO and Brew Master of Dugges Bryggeri, had a meeting with an Englishman. What was said at the meeting has long since been forgotten. What was said at the following pub visit is why we are here today.

The Englishman told Mikael that he was in the business of selling filters used for brewing beer and that he and an associate were in the business of selling second hand breweries. This got Mikael thinking. How cool wouldn’t it be to have your own brewery and brew your own beer?

With all the energy of a man possessed Mikael started studying Swedish alcohol legislation (which is pretty extensive), read up on everything and anything he could find on brewing beer and going on visits to anyone who would have him, getting tips and making friends. All while he started buying the parts needed to build a small brewery.

In 2005 we opened the doors to Dugges in Mölndal, right outside of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. It was a tiny and for the purpose unpractical space, housing a small brewery run on the side while also managing day jobs. Even so, the dream had come true and it was love from day one! We brewed beers right and left and preached our brews to anyone who would, or would not, listen. One of the first beers we ever brewed was Avenyn Ale, an American Pale Ale that we still produce and preach to this day.

DEYA beers are carefully considered and the result of thoughtful attention to detail. Freshness and clarity of flavour and aroma are the key parameters to our beers and our focus throughout the process. That is DEYA Brewing Company’s own words and Örebrewfest definitely agrees upon that. DEYA is one of most interesting breweries from England at the moment. The hype is real!!

Heroes Beer Co, a Hong Kong based brewery, is a beer hero creation platform that works with people of all shapes and sizes who have one thing in common - their burning passion for tasty beers. We unleash the hero within every beer lover we work with, to create the most unique and inspiring experience.

Stockholm Brewing Co has been around since 2012.The first 100% organic certified Brewery in Sweden, we make beer clean and dirty. We love making lager in all it's forms, fresh saisons, fruity sours and even some pale ales! On the dirty side, we have a rapidly expanding portfolio of used wine barrel and foudre-aged mixed fermentation funk saisons, blended sours, some with fruit. We also recently started a spontaneous fermentation programme, with our freshly installed coolship. We think ingredients are all, so splash out on fantastic grains from Warbro Qvarn and top yeast from White Labs. Please welcome Stockholm Brewing Co to Örebrewfest!

Tider Örebrewfest! Session 1: 11:00 – 15:00 (15:00 – 16:00 stängt) Session 2: 16:00 – 20:00 (stängt mellan 20:00 – 22:00) Efterfesten 22:00 – 02:00 


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Örebrewdays 2019


Schema Örebrewdays 2019

6 Nov 16 to 20 Örebro brygghus

Öppethus på Örebro brygghus och livebryggning med 

7 Nov 17.00 to 21.00

Kladdkakans dag på Närkes Kulturbryggeri, Kladdkakans dag på Närkes Kulturbryggeri har blivit en tradition. Kom på öppet hus och köp provsmak från fina exklusiva svarta öl,såsom porter & stouts av olika slag. Hit kommer du oanmäld. Välkomna. Evenemanget är kostnadsfritt

7 Nov from 18.00 to 01.00 @ en trappa upp

Tap takeover på En Trappa Upp med Interboro & Finback. Evenemanget är kostnadsfritt.

8 Nov from 16.00 to 01.00 @ Örebro Ölhall

Örebrewfest Preparty. Mingla med bryggarna som kommer till Örebrewfest och andra inblandade. Stor Tap takeover, 26 kranar med Deya, Wylam, Verdant, Track.
Evenemanget är kostnadsfritt.

9 Nov

Örebrewfest 2019 Kulturhuset Örebro. Biljetter finns på Tickster

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